An example of photojournalist: Gervasio Sánchez

Gervasio Sánchez is a recognized photojournalist that was born in Córdoba and is graduate in Journalism in the Autonomic University of Barcelona. He is specialised in armed conflicts. Nowadays he is living in Zaragoza and he has covered the armed conflicts in Latin America, in the Golfo war, África, Asia, Yugoslavia…and he has created photographic books about his experiences as “El Cerco de Sarajevo”, “Kosovo, crónica de la deportación”, “Niños de Guerra”, “Los ojos de la Guerra” or “Vidas minadas”, are some of them.

In our conversation in the interview, Gervasio Sánchez showed his moral convictions about the journalism. Since Gervasio Sánchez started to study journalism, he has the fix idea that he want to travel to tell the people what were going on in the countries that most of the people couldn´t visit. Because he taught that with his job, he would tell what happened in those kinds of countries.

Nevertheless, he realized that it was not possible to do that being part of a the Media, instead of that he realized that he has to do it in an independent way out of the “censure” of the Media owners (the banks) and other politics influences that restricted the newspapers, TV or radio contents. Gervasio say, “The problem is that the journalism which has to keep an eye on the power has dead.”

One of the advices Gervasio Sánchez  gives to the young journalists is that they have to learn to say “no”. “You don’t have to accepted that someone impose rules that are against the basic goal of the journalism”, say Sánchez.

Gervasio told me that he learned to take pics taking them in the wars of Latin America, and that it was not until his incomes as a waiter afforded equalize his outlays to travel when he decided to leave the job.  That made that Gervasio could develop his job as a journalist in an independent way.

As a really good friend of Gervasio Sánchez, Arturo Pérez Reverte wrote in his twitter account that he can´t believe that Gervasio still believes in humans because of the things that he has seen in the war. But he (Gervasio) still does it. That is because, as he told me, everyone in a situation, like the ones that are happening in Siria, Irak, or other places, would do the same. “Colaborate with the strongest ones in a war is essential to survive, but if you see how the people point at the people who you have to kill…you realized that is very difficult to continue believing in people. But there are real war heroes that give us real lessons about life and dignity.”


 One of the pics from the photo story of Vidas minadas” by Gervasio Sánchez


Interview of Gervasio Sánchez in Jot Down magazine

Gervasio Sánchez twitter:

Interview of Gervasio Sánchez in La Sexta Noche


Interview of Gervasio Sánchez by Leticia Pellicer

Gervasio Sánchez biography

Gervasio Sanchez´s blog


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