Every image has a lot of work behind it



The section about culture has an image that tells us a story.

As journalists and also as readers of newspapers, we are always looking to read news in the media but we don’t pay attention to the hard work that is behind. Each thing cares until the finish detail. If we observe a bit we can appreciate many things that normally we don`t see.

In this case, we have done an analysis of the culture section in El Mundo´s Neswpaper during one week. To do this, we have used the Book style about this newspaper and so we can know which rules are used so they are able to publish their photos.

We have observed different peculiarities that are very repetitive during this week. This section has a lot of photos and also we can find text. Normally, all the people that want to appear in the photos from this section are pose. This is the big difference with regard to other sections in which the photos aren’t pose.

The photos that aren`t pose in of this section are images that reflect functions. In addition, these images are sent to the EFE press agency. This business provides services of graphical information. These services are elaborated by the professionals that the agency has share out around the world. This one isn’t the only agency that requests the images, we can also find the agency AFP. This is something strange for us, because the El Mundo´s Style Book says that the journalists have to go to the place where the event has happen and so be able to tell it. Nevertheless, not all the acts photos are extracted of the agency.

However there are also archive photos. These images belong to the book style. The images must show the original context or the date when the photograph was taken so the prejudice is avoided to the people who appear and also the demands.

About the photos in which the people are posing, are images that describe the profession and to the portrayed, that is to say, or it appears in his place of work, or with some element that characterizes his activity. In addition, they are very creative images, we can see the personality of the portrayed and what´s more, they are all in color.

When a group of people appears in the photos, for a general norm we see long medium perspectives and when there is only one person in the photo, we find medium perspectives or first planes.

We consider very important that the photos inside the culture section transmit what it wants to be said in the text next to it. They always must have a photo credit that complements the image.

The ideal thing is that the journalist could tell us the same thing with a photo and with a text, he has to know to transmit information in the same way with both elements and be a good photojournalist.


Libro de Estilo del  Mundo webpage : http://www.masmenos.es/wp-content/uploads/2002/01/librodeestilo_elmundo.pdf

EFE Agency Press webpage:  http://www.efe.com/efe/noticias/espana/1

AFP Agency Press webpage: http://www.afp.com/es/


CIIE Sevilla, Libro de Estilo del Mundo, 2003: http://www.masmenos.es/wp-content/uploads/2002/01/librodeestilo_elmundo.pdf

Agencia EFE, S.A, [Consulta: 28-11-2013] disponible en: http://www.efe.com/efe/productos/espana/foto-info/1/9

Agencia AFP, S.A,[Consulta: 25-11-2013] disponible en: http://www.afp.com/es/profesionales/servicios/foto


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