Young men are considered to do vandalism painting Madrid walls.

Photograph by :JEOSM

Arturo Pérez Reverte   shows  us a plot full of curiosity and adventure that has the graffiti’s world as scenery. We can see in his report how the young clandestine act at night .This people of no more than 20 years, are veteran  experts doing graffiti, they now how to move in a discreet way without making a noise. Is a clandestine world of large codes , the graffiti artist is not considered himself as a “ wall painter”, he does much more than that, he writes in them.

Jeosm is one of the most known graffiti artists in Spain. He is been influenced by  New York graffiti’s. He  expresses what he thinks about this art in the walls of Madrid. But he has gone far away introducing himself in the photography , doing some portraits to rappers and people well known in the music world. He wants people to know what he thinks about important thinks of the world through his paints wall. He likes his paints to be photographed with little light so they can express more.

In his photographs , like the one on the top , we can see how Jeosm wants to transmit an order internal and personal, he likes to express an internal fight with himself and also how he  has to sacrifice for what he wants to achieve. The young man that is doing graffiti in that remote  place, with just a few light illuminating the wall ,and with a railroad track at his back, is an adventurous guy with nothing to lose,  is an artist trying to recreate all the art he has inside ,although a lot of people think he is just a vandal destroying the urban landscape.  I think someone who has to go to the most complicated and dangerous places in his city , that he has to jump fences just to paint walls ,is someone I admire. Because seeing the TV or lying   in our sofas could be  more attractive and easy than this but they go nowhere,  that’s why much people doesn’t fight for what he likes and desires. All they just see is life passing   out without having   what they adore.

In the photograph, this solitary young man could be a brilliant graffiti artist but because is socially looked upon, perhaps never  will stand out from the rest of the artists. Painting in the walls is an art, just as painting in a canvas.

If something is hard to achieve, then that’s what we have to fight for.



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