ESPAÑA OCULTA – Cristina García Rodero


La tarde (Campillo de Arenas 1978)

It is amazing the way she gives shape to the emotion of little villages in one snapshot. The first photo that I saw of Cristina Rodero was La tarde (Campillo de Arenas 1978) I don´t know what captured me, maybe it remember me to my little village with my grandma or those stories that my dad used to tell me about his village when we were young.

If  I have to describe my emotion when I see the series of photography’s will be childhood, tradition, religion, economy, politic, rites and rituals, rural, pure…She shows the traditions of Spanish villages that it seems to be underground and with the talent of the photographer it give life to little things that used to be unnoticed.

The photos were captured in different Spanish villages during 1975 and 1988.

The objective of Cristina Rodero is focused with feeling to many scenes that maybe nowadays we can´t see. I like the way she gives us closer, apparently, little things, and she makes them bigger. Without clichés she photograph the hidden side of our country.

In black and white she photographs a story of old people and the childhood of young kids. From the series I choose the 4 photos that I love more. Just because of the feeling that it transmit, because if we talk about technique is undeniable that Cristina is amazing.


Zarza de Montánchez (Cáceres)La Tabúa (1985)


Septiembre (1988) Escober

To sum up, I think that is very interesting to hear some words of the artist, to know her way of view and her way of working and objectives. Cristina García Rodero: “I tried to photograph the mystery soul, the truth and magic popular Spain, with his passion, the love, the tenderness, rage, pain, with his truth; and the most intense moments and full in the life of the characters, as simple as irresistible, with all his deep down strength, in his personal challenge that give me strong and understanding in which I spend all my heart. ”

To know more about the artist and the photos I add two videos:

Cristina García Rodero explains her exposition.

A video about Spanish photographers talking about Crisitna García Rodero when she started to be part of Magnum.


La confesión (1980) Saavedra



Magmun Photos

Jot Dwon:

El País:




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